All About Lawrence

MY DREAM of becoming an animator sprang to life with Robotech and Ducktales and today I celebrate over 15 years of being a professional artist. Like many artists, I’ve collected many different skills but after working in graphic design, technical illustration, and 3D art I’ve discovered that my main passion is indeed in animation. I love helping small businesses look like large businesses with powerful creative and engaging motion design. The Adobe Flash program changed a lot of things for my career and allowed me to really blossom into a well rounded motion graphics artist. In addition to using sequential drawings I could use animated masks, duplicate animations for crowd sequences, and create rigs for puppet animation to bring characters to life.

I LOVE THE CHALLENGE of making something that’s not even real look like it has emotion, purpose and intelligence. But no matter how sophisticated the animation tools and techniques are, if an animator doesn’t soulfully employ basic animation mechanics such as weight shift, squash & stretch, line of action, and anticipation & overlap something just won’t feel right.

I love the animation arts and I love to see the happiness on people’s faces when they’re watching a well animated scene or immersed in a game that I’ve helped create. There’s something magical about taking something from the imagination and dancing it out in front of the whole world to see and enjoy.



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