Ignite Health Moving E-Card
This was one of the most fun projects that I have ever worked on to date.
It's not just any e-card either! It's a story, an adventure, and a game all rolled up into one!.

We recorded sound effects just for the game, had programming help with the game physics and scoring and 3 possible endings! Check it out ^_^;


Joker Soaker
"Dunk the Punks" seemed to be too controversial so we changed the name to Joker Soaker. Underneath the surface it's simply hangman. Pick the letters that make up the mystery word and sink the finks.


Matching Game
This is another flash game adapted from a very simple one that I found for free. Feedback animations were added plus sound effects were recorded from students who were touring the office allowing them to customize their own game. Fun times.



I was employed at Knowledge Adventure from 1996 to 2002. I look back on those years as some of the best years in my professional history. The work featured in the showcase above is only a part of the creative that I was responsible for during my six years there. I worked with some of the most talented artists in the world and made friendships that I will value for the rest of my life.

All properties shown above are under the complete ownership of Knowledge Adventure.